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Our commitment is for quality thus we never underestimate the power of a glamorous hairstyle. Whether you’re after a bob, layers or a buzz cut, using a combination of scissors, razor blades and even clippers, our hairdresser will help you to find your perfect look.

Make Up

Our make-up artists team are on hand to offer you make-up touch-up`s or if you’re looking to focus on one particular area such as the eyes, lips, complexion or contouring we are their at your service.


Bleaching can be disastrous if done incorrectly. We pride ourselves on making sure we are up to date on all the newest techniques and trends. Our mission is to provide the best service in a fun and relaxed environment.

Threading & Rica Wax

Rica has impression to every skin need, and has discover a wax for every skin type. Our professional threading specialists remove unwanted hairs from the eyebrows and face using a cotton thread which traps and removes the hair from the follicle, leaving a clean finish.


We have introduced ourselves to the World of Tattoos, the salon can accommodate your individual needs. Whatever you are looking for – something small or a full bodysuit we will always do our best to offer reliable, impartial advice so that you can leave, feeling confident you have made the right decision.


Our team of experienced waxing therapists specialize in providing instant & painless waxing. We use Luxury Hot Wax to leave your skin perfectly calm & hair-free. Whether you want a quick leg wax or you want your underarm hair to disappear we are there for you.

Hand & Foot Care

A warmly manicured hand and an excellently polished toe never go unnoticed. We offer an ample range of treatments especially designed for hands and feet. Our manicure and pedicure therapy will leave you feeling relaxed and refresh during your time with us.


Everyone face varies, i.e. why each of our facials undertaken by our experts are different. We get to know you and your skin, using only the superior products with natural, effective ingredients to achieve lasting results and make you look and feel sublime.

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